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Simon is a multi-Platinum award winning Producer.
In 2000 he moved to S.E. Asia and was recruited by Grammy Entertainment PCL, Thailand and through them has sold in excess of 7 million albums, and picked up no less than 10 record of the year awards, plus one MTV 'Best Album' Award in 2005.


He produced the Thai Rock band ‘Silly fools’ for 5 albums and this made him a household name in Thai Music business, winning Best Artist, Best Album and Best Rock Band 3 years consecutively. The last album called ‘King-size’ was the fastest selling album in Thailand ever, topping over 800,000 CDs.
In 2008 produced Grammy’s new group Hangman which went platinum in first month of release.



Head of Audio at the SAE Bangkok
Deep thought!! (honest)
Misson Control
mixing live
Robin Gibb article
Head of Audio at the SAE Bangkok
Air Studios
Air Studios
MPI course
SAE Bangkok



Simon worked as Music Production Manager on the Pan Asian ‘SUTASI’ project for Australian company, Asia Sounds Pty Ltd. SUTASI was a TV show similar to American Idol covering the entire continent of Asia. This put Simon in many studios all over Asia, producing and meeting Artists ranging from hip-hop to metal. SUTASI with the vision to create a product that is financially sustainable with substantial economic growth, and also to create a product that will be revolutionary in establishing Asian music within the mainstream global markets. SUTASI aired the first series of pilots across Asia in July 2009 and consists of 7 episodes which include 37 acts in total (solo artists, bands and songwriters) from the countries of India, Nepal, China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Brunei.


Simon was also Supervising Production Executive for Attuned Management Ltd, the promotion company of his manager, international rock impresario Simon Napier-Bell, through whom he gains access to international markets for the release and promotion of his locally produced artists.

2009 worked with female opera group Passionata, collaborating in the first ever western show in the peoples hall in Beijing with Jackie Chan for the Chinese earthquake appeal. After a brief stint in LA Simon returned to London.

2010 Simon worked with Jamil Kazmi on a single for Pony Canyon in Japan.

Late 2010 Simon Produced “Ringside View” for ‘Cassini’s Division’ for Saregama HMV in India.

In 2010 Simon started worked with the legendary Robin Gibb and produced some songs for Peter Andre.


2010 – 2011 he created and produced the live show G*Mania featuring Reality TV stars from Pop Idol, Britain’s got talent and X-factor.

In 2012 Simon returned to Thailand and worked with the SAE Institute teaching producers and engineers of tomorrow in both English and Thai languages.


Simon worked with Dome Pakornlam at Iconic Records Asia, Dome calls Simon “the engine” at Iconic. So far Simon has already produced and written the hit song ชีวิตที่ขาดเธอ Ost ตะวัน ทอแสง for which he won an award for best drama song ever! ‘New Old Stock’ which is just one of 7 singles Simon has written and produced for Iconic.


Simon has been a guest lecturer at Thailand’s most famous Mahidol University teaching Music Production.


In the UK Simon was head of Production for the Academy of Contemporary Music Regional teaching EDEXCEL BTEC LEVEL 3.




Silly Fools – LoSo – Asanee Chotikul – Mai – Marsha – Christina Aguilar – Meaw Chirasak – Brian May (Queen) – Suzi Quatro – Robin Gibb (Bee Gees) – Peter Andre – Hangman – Skalaxy – Cassini’s Division – Jamil Kazmi – John Miles – Shem (Slacker) – NASA – Blackhead – Zeal – AB Normal – Um Amarin – Ing Achita – Mint – Briony – Fly – Lanna – Nuvo – Micro – Dome – Abuse the youth – Burn – The Poison – Mummy Daddy


1965. Born in Chiswick, London
1974. Simon became a child actor and, at the age of nine, started in the music business playing concerts in the UK as a drummer.
1975 – 1990. Appeared in Star Wars (the original first movie shot in 1976) as a Jawa. And played the character of Rock guitarist 'Eddie Hunter' in BBC's Eastenders in 1986.


Formed various bands, sometimes playing drums, keyboards, guitar or even main vocals. These groups included ‘Tarazara, The Kick, Kou, Sin and Lunch with the President


1989 – 2000. Produced his first album entitled “Insha-Alla” by NASA for Sire/Warner. The album did well in the USA, with the title track (co-written by Simon) receiving a healthy airplay and being featured in the move “Wild Orchid” starring Mickey Rourke.
During this time Simon co-produced with Gus Dudgeon (producer of Elton John, David Bowie, and Chris Rea). Gus was Simon’s mentor and inspiration to become a producer himself, passing on many secret tips and skills.

Among Simon's credits from this period... he composed a Rock Musical called 'Overture' starring John Miles, Lon Satton and Lenny Zakatec (from The Alan Parsons Project) and a concept album entitled 'The Black Book'... he produced and released 'Aural Pleasure" for his own label, Inter Aspect (UK), distributed in the UK by Total/BMG in 1996... he did many dance remixes including records by Wubble U and Alex Rees, top artists in the underground dance scene of Europe in 1997... he composed songs and original works with over 170 registered with MCPS... he composed jingles and television themes for the BBC and other media sources.
Among artists he worked with during that period were Brian May from Queen, Danny Schogger (George Michael/Jimmy Nail), John McCoy (from Ian Gillan Band), Steve Mann (from MSG), Madeline Bell, Suzie Quatro, Joe Longthorne, John Miles, Lenny Zakatek (from The Alan Parsons Project), NASA (Sire/Warner USA), Frankenstein (Carrera Records) and Lia Vicci (EMI Greece).
Studio he worked in included: Rockfiled, Surrey Sound, The Wool Hall, Advision, Abbey Road, Greystoke, Matrix, The Black Barn, The Manor, Mono Valley, Sarm East, Molinaire, Wood Sound, Oasis, Avex Soho Square, Metropolis, Peter Pan, More Music

Labels he recorded for include: Avex, More Music, Sony BMG, Sire-Warner, EMI, Universal, Inter Aspect, and many independent labels
2000. Moved to South East Asia. Was recruited by Grammy Records since when he has produced forty-five chart-topping records and sold in excess of 8 million albums.



Simon has seen life as an Artist from being on the road, and on live television with‘Tarazara’, to the world of ‘Soap Star’ fame in Eastenders. Simon was stalked by the tabloids in the UK and appeared on front page of ‘The Sun’ 3 times, plus some centre spreads in’ News of The World’. Simon really knows what it is like to be an artist.

These experiences have proven to be very useful as an A&R Manager. Adapting to foreign environments and languages is another life skill Simon has acquired.
Simon can speak Thai and is currently studying Japanese and Chinese.
He has also sung backup vocals in Greek, Thai, Chinese and Japanese, not forgetting much voice-over work in many languages. Also, television work in front, and behind the camera, including off line editing and directing music videos. Film and video Post production & Sound Design.



Creative Director of Independent Record & Publishing Company in the UK. Creative Director of, 'DIN Records' and Inter Aspect Music (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Works all distributed by Sony-Bmg in the Asia Region.
Music Production Manager for Asia Sounds Pty Ltd

Supervising Production Executive for Simon Napier-Bell (Attuned Management Ltd)



Music Producer and Vocal Director. Songwriter (including English Lyrics). Drummer, bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals lead and back up.
Ability to sing in foreign languages. (Thai, German, Spanish and Greek) Music Programming: - using Logic, Pro Tools, and Cubase on both Mac and PC.

Film and television production work: - Soundtrack production, Television themes, Professional Actor.

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